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How much does "FILLING UP THE PETROL TANK HL Type II" cost?
To the student: The work that you produce to address the questions in this task should be a report that can stand on its own.
It is best to avoid copying the questions in the task to adopt a “question and answer” format.
In this task, you will develop a mathematical model that helps motorists decide which of the following two options is more economical.
Option 1: to buy petrol from a station on their normal route at a relatively higher price.
Option 2: to drive an extra distance out of their normal route to buy cheaper petrol.
Consider a situation in which two motorists, Arwa and Bao, share the same driving route but own different sized vehicles. Arwa fills up her vehicle’s tank at a station along her normal route for US$ p1 per litre.
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IB is looking for student work, and it is not obvious when it is.
On the other hand, Bao drives an extra d kilometres out of his normal route to fill up his vehicle’s tank for US$ p2 per litre where p2 < p1 .
 Choose suitable parameters for Arwa’s and Bao’s vehicles. Justify your choices.
 Suppose p1 = US$ 1.00 per litre, p2 = US$ 0.98 per litre and d 10 km.
Which motorist is getting the better deal?
Show all calculations and justify any assumptions you make.
On a spreadsheet, choose several sets of values for p1, p2 and d to investigate further.
Define a set of variables that would be relevant in the above situation.
“Effective litres” is a method of comparing the cost of petrol bought under the two options
described above. Effective litres, for a given vehicle, are those litres used when the vehicle travels
its normal route.
Use your variables and parameters to write algebraic expressions for E1 and E2 which
represent the cost per effective litre under options 1 and 2 respectively.

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Продолжаем излагать задание IB Math Studies Course Overview

Write a model that helps motorists decide on the more economical option for their vehicles.
Если (S1 + d) P2 < S1 P1, то выбираем подальше, но подешевле (Bao wins - case B).
Если (S1 + d) P2 > S1 P1, то выбираем подороже, но поближе (Arwa wins - case A).
Если (S1 + d) P2 = S1 P1, то не паримся, ибо разницы нет.
In the remainder of this task, you need to consider the two vehicles you have chosen for Arwa and Bao.
Use your model to find the farthest distance that Bao should drive to obtain a 2 % price saving.
Investigate the relationship between d and p2  when E2 is kept constant (e.g. US$ 0.90, US$ 1.00, … etc.).
Use technology to draw a family of curves for Arwa’s vehicle. Repeat for Bao’s vehicle.
For E2 =  US$ 0.90 , provide Arwa with information on three different stations that yield this same cost per effective litre. Discuss how such information may be useful to Arwa.
 (S1 + d) P2 = S1 * 0.90 = 2S1 * 0.45 = 3S1 * 0.30
For E2 = US$1.00 and p2 = US$0.80 , compare the maximum distance that each motorist should drive and still save money.
Arwa is a busy person and wonders whether the saving in money would be worth the time she
would lose in extra driving.
Modify your model to account for the time taken to drive to and from an off-route station.
Clearly justify any assumptions you make.
Short and long answer questions, calculator allowed, to be completed in 1 hour. Mathematics SL & Math Studies IB Course Content Math SL: Two-year course sequence.
Ib math portfolio Presentations
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[27.09.2012 23:08:04] IB math student: эту формулу мне в 5 задание подставлять?
 и потом использовать для последнего?
[27.09.2012 23:08:41] Учитель Алексей: где там "5 задание" ?
[27.09.2012 23:09:14] IB math student: то, которое use your variables and paramemeters...
[27.09.2012 23:09:43] Алексей the tutor: всё-таки придётся всё переделывать
формула совсем другая:
 полезность = стоимость полученного горючего - затраты на него =  E * (V - S/ FE) - V  * P
[27.09.2012 23:10:46] IB math student: это очень плохо конечно
Репетитор Алексей: (V - S/ FE) - это сколько литров осталось после переездов
[27.09.2012 23:11:06] IB math student: у меня просто других уроков по горло
[27.09.2012 23:11:31] Алексей Тьютор: V  * P - затраты на него
 что скажет твой учитель?
[27.09.2012 23:12:18] IB math student: но все-таки меня смущает то что мой учитель сказал, что та формула была правильная
[27.09.2012 23:12:35] Репетитор Алексей: я тоже так думал
 ты ему эту покажи
[27.09.2012 23:12:50] IB math student: я думаю, что можно пока оставить
 я завтра ему постараюсь показать
[27.09.2012 23:13:15] Online math tutor Алексей: не откладывай.
потом поздно будет

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